Can You Really Get a Driver’s Education Online?

Traditional classroom learning is so nineties. Owing to advancements in interactive learning technology, you can now get a driver’s education online! Gone are the days of sitting in a classroom and listening to boring lectures about how many seconds you need to wait at a stop sign. Now you can now take driver’s education courses online while studying at your own pace!

Whether you’re a teen or the parent of a teen, you’ll find that taking driver’s ed courses on the web is highly beneficial. Teens have hectic schedules because of their schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and busy social lives. Online courses enable you to learn the ins and outs of driving without it interfering with your busy life. Since you can study from the comfort of your own home when you enroll in an online program, you can save tons of time and avoid distractions.

Driver’s education online will either prepare you to get a learner’s permit or a driver’s license. In some states, online programs are only approved for preparing students to get learner’s permits. But little by little, people are opening up to the idea of online driver’s ed, so it’s becoming far more common. Parents also play a more prominent role in the learning process when their kids take driver’s ed courses on the web. In fact, parents are even allowed to administer the “behind-the-wheel” portion in some states!

If you don’t want to rely solely on an online course to prepare for your driving exam, you can enroll just to receive some extra help. Online study is beneficial because it’s a lot less distracting than learning in a traditional classroom. Plus, learning online is interactive and fun. Rather than sitting at a desk and listening to someone lecture away as you tap a pencil on your desk and daydream about other things, in online programs, you will watch videos, listen to audio, and take quizzes. You’ll probably learn a lot more in a single day of online lessons that you will after an entire month in a traditional classroom because of the lack of distractions and the personalized, self-paced approach.

Online Driver’s Education

What Is the Purpose of Online Driver’s Education?

Online driver’s education imparts learning skills and fundamental concepts pertaining to driving test so as to prepare distance learners for a driver’s license exam, irrespective of age-group. The driver’s education imparted from the online mechanism is certainly a boon to all those who, without moving to the desired location can reap the benefits for learning the basics and concepts related to driving in order to obtain a valid driving license.

How is Online Driver’s Education Beneficial to a Person?

Online driver’s education programs are beneficial to online student in numerous ways. Some of them are:

1. Online driver’s education programs are far more affordable and it usually takes a person to shell around $40 to get enrolled in an online driver’s education program, which is definitely a bargain!

2. The learning methodology and virtual classroom environment is easy to understand and all assistance is provided to let students get familiarized with the concepts of online education and online learning tools.

3. The students can access their course contents from any of the preferred locations all over the world and can complete the online education program for driving skills without disturbing their other personal and/or professional commitments.

4. The students can fix their own time schedules and learning hours, which makes online driver’s education convenient and flexible.

5. The virtual classroom lends an impersonal impression and a student is an independent learner in the long run, since it has little interface to offer between a student and trainers. It also offers less inter-linking and inter-personal interaction and interface between virtual class-fellows, which wards off any chances of distractions.

6. A student can attend virtual classroom sessions, discussions groups, newsgroups, forums and numerous other interactive activities at his/her own discretion and it’s up to a student to complete the pending online workbook assignment and get it checked and assessed by teacher via online learning management systems.

7. All that is needed in this online program is an internet connection and a flair for understanding and learning new and innovative concepts with the help of online learning tools and materials like audio/video/web conferencing, webinars, whiteboards, chats, forums, discussion groups, e-mails etc.

What Is the Selection Criteria for Online Driver’s Education Program?

The online driver’s education program is a student-centric and effective learning based program, which helps a student understand the fundamental concepts of driving so as to appear for the driving test and obtain a legal driving license. Distance learners must verify the accreditation of the online education program as well as the online driving school they have applied at for their online driver’s education. Since online training and distance learning education may have some important formalities on part of students before getting started, a student must verify all information and formalities pertaining to a selected course.

What is “Green Driver’s Ed”?

Green Driver’s Ed is an acronym for Green Driver’s Education with a special emphasis on environment. This is a new notion being introduced within the driving school community which includes environmental consciousness as a fundamental part of conventional driver’s education curriculum. It adds sense to a person in terms of community welfare and environmental awareness when compared with a traditional learning course for driving.