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A Guide for Selecting a Housekeeper or a Property Maintenance Service

A housekeeper or property maintenance guy just like when searching for any professional you need to check the reputation of the service guy. A housekeeper or a property maintenance will mainly be in charge of your home whenever you are not around thus the need to choose a trusted service guy. To ensure you have a place to complain regarding poor services of the housekeeper you hire, ensure to search for reputable organization offering housekeepers for hire. Make sure that the housekeeping service you choose has a contact address you can contact.

Secondly, you should interview the housekeeper regarding the services you require from him/her by making a phone call first. Usually property maintenance service guys will want to see what is required of them to compare the price therefore you need to give them a tour of your home. Ask questions to know the type of products the housekeeper uses for cleaning and if they have cleaning clothes during working hours. Since a housekeeper is somebody you are not familiar with, choose a licensed one and especially from a company so as to easily claim compensation during theft and damage of your property by the housekeeper.

Housekeepers or property maintenance service men can be individual or employees from a company and so you may consider any depending on the services you require done. Opt for an individual housekeeper not employed by a company, if you need extra services done for you that housekeepers from companies don’t offer such as folding of clothes and making beds. If you are looking for housekeeping services carried daily when you are around you should choose services of companies offering multiple housekeepers.

Don’t clean the house when expecting the housekeeper to come for inspection since the housekeeper will charge you depending on the amount of works/he will be doing depending on how s/he finds the house. Housekeepers always quote a price based on the amount of work and so you should list all the services you need to be done and give it to the housekeeper. Finally, determine if hiring the housekeeper is the right decision not only for you but consider your family perspective also before hiring. Housekeepers are specialized in cleaning and they spend less time cleaning and so you should opt for one to help in cleaning your home in the shortest time possible leaving you with a tidy home to do your other important things without interference.

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